busted excuses for not exercising

Oftentimes you always whine about your busy schedule, expensive gym membership fee, and so on just to justify for not incorporating exercise in your lifestyle. Unfortunately, these excuses can be a long and endless list.
To sum up the most popular reasons for not exercising, it can be narrowed down to five excuses.
Excuse #1: Busy Schedule This is the most popular excuse for not exercising, right? The only approach to solve this lame excuse is to prioritize exercise in your daily schedule, workout in the morning. Wake up half an hour early and walk around the blocks. Or you can hit the gym at seven o’clock in the morning and be there in the office by nine o’clock.
Your schedule in the afternoon or evening can oftentimes sabotage your exercise routine. Hence, exercising first thing in the morning eliminates this possibility.
Excuse #2: Expensive Gym Membership Fees This is really true. Membership in the gyms can be very expensive and with the current economic situation, this seems to fall at the bottom of your financial priorities, right? However, this must not hurdle your struggle to stay fit.
There are many TV channels, free downloads in the internet and inexpensive DVDs for aerobics, yoga and Pilates so you can start working out at home. Alternatively, you can always consider the world as your vast platform for outdoor exercise such as walking, hiking, biking and swimming.
Excuse #3: Unpleasant Weather Condition If it rains heavily, it is tempting to simply stay at home and watch TV rather than drive to the gym and work out. It is the same thing when it is winter. You feel lazy to put on our running shoes and run in a chilly weather.
If this happens, why don’t you do thorough cleaning routine in your house like scrubbing the bathroom tiles, vacuuming the floors, cleaning the bookshelves, rearranging the furniture in the living room? Before you know it, you are already sweating out and burning the calories for doing household chores at home.
Excuse #4: No Place to Exercise This is assuming that you cannot afford to shell out for gym membership fee, that you are living or sharing in small house and that you are living in a risky neighborhood and walking around the blocks is not safe at all. Indeed you do not a have a place to exercise.
But with a little initiative and creativity, exercise can be carried out in the form of mall walking. The good thing about mall walking is you do not totally feel it’s an exercise because the shops and people around keep you entertained.
Excuse #5: Boring Exercise Routines Doing the same sets of workouts in the gym or jogging on the same area for extended period of time can bore you and once the boredom sinks in, you will exercise less until eventually you quit exercising.
The only solution for this is variation. Explore other opportunities to get fit such us outdoor exercise, learning new sports, joining a group of bikers and so on. Shuffle these in your weekly workout routine and it will keep you more engage and committed to stay fit.
You can always come out for another excuse in order not to exercise. However, the bottom line is it is your health and remember that the longer you are holding on to these excuses, the more you are missing the optimal benefits of exercise to your health and the possibility of prolonging your life.

Julie Brealy is the health manager at FitFarms, No. 1 UK Weight Loss Retreat and Weight Loss Boot Camp. She has been working for over 10 years in the weight loss industry advising companies in the US and the UK. Julie is also an experienced deep tissue massage therapist.